Remote Signal

Make meetings easier.

Politely notify a meeting when you have something to say by activating a light in the conference room of people.

A teleconference with three people in the room, one on the video call, and a Remote Signal box.

Why do I need this?

When you're remote, participating in video calls is difficult.

If you wait for the usual cues when attempting to speak, you'll be too late; someone else in the room will start before you.

Instead of talking over each other, use a Remote Signal to politely notify the room you would like to speak next.

How does it work?

Connect the Remote Signal to WiFi in your office and invite all remote employees to access the web application.

During a meeting, signal the room when you have something to say by clicking the Hand Up button in the web app.

Enjoy being more present and active in your meetings.

Pricing $249

Each Remote Signal box is $249. This includes the first year of service for free. After the first year, it's $9/month per Remote Signal to keep the service.

Ready for easier meetings?

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